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With over 60yrs of experience, engineering teams across the globe and an extensive porfolio of intellectual property Pulse can leverage our knowledge and help design your next great product.


Our regional teams of inside sales, customer service, account managers and field application engineers are situated to serve you locally to ensure professional support and timely response to your tehnical and business requirements.


With an emphasis on automation and high-volume assembly our diversified supply chain and global manufacturing footprint ensures reliable, cost-effective and secure production of the products you need.


Our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 certified factories produce over 800M products per year for our leading OEM, EMS and Distribution customers who expect and receive exceptional quality.

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Power PBU

Designs and manufactures power magnetics for AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC switch-mode power systems. Catalog and Customer components from mW to kW including Power Inductors, Power Transformers, Current Sense Magnetics, Isolation Transformers and Common Mode Chokes.

Network PBU

Ethernet Magnetics & Connector Modules, Automotive Ethernet, RF & CO Spliters and Filters and a wide range of connectors for copper and optical applications.

Wireless PBU

Design, Engineering and Production of antennas & antenna modules for wireless devices including Embedded, Internal, External, Vehicular, Outdoor Antennas, IPD RF Components and related accessories.

Automotive PBU

Components for Automotive and Industrial markets including Motor Coils, Ignition Coils, Sensing Systems, Cable Systems, Solenoids, Power Supplies, Actuators and High Power Magnetics.

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